Name 3 under appreciated pop/rock drummers

Since the best rock drummer thread has garnered some interest, this thread could create some diverse and interesting respones. My 3 are as follows...
1-Gil Moore-Triumph-Being Canadian.
2-Jerry Shirley-Humble Pie/Fastway-Didn't sell enough records.
3-Roger Taylor-Queen-Overshadowed in his own band.
...check out Graham Lear when he was with Santana - good choice ...also, Ansley Dunbar as I saw him years ago with Nils Lofgren...another good choice......
Not sure if he is underappreciated but I always thought Ian Paice (Deep Purple) was just amazing.
Ron Wilson from the "Surfari's", whose simple drum exercise became a number two hit in the USA......"Wipeout" was recorded as a "B" side and a throwaway tune and caught on and captured the imagination of everyone who held drumsticks in the 1960's.He died in 1989.Other two? Sandy Nelson would have to be one.Remember there were hits in the 60's centered around the drums before everybody started smoking pot and nobody wanted to hear all that banging.Innocence lost i presume.
Dino Danelli (Young Rascals)
B.J. Wilson (Procol Harum)
George Grantham (Poco)

Great job, Oregon (Clive Bunker is killer) and Cmalak (Ian Paice is wonderful).
Cozy Powell. Modern Drummer said it best by stating that Cozy never reached Bonham like status because he was never associated with one band like Bonham or Paice.

Tommy Aldridge is another drummer associated with multiple bands and a great talent who is probably not given enough credit.

I am not sure Alex Van Halen received the credit he deserved¬ómay be overshadowed by Eddie and contemporaries like Peart.

On a smaller level there was Frank Briggs from an 80’s upstate New York band called 805. I was lucky enough to see them many times and Frank was mesmerizing. He has gone on to record with his own band and perform at clinics. Check out and watch his solo from 1986 (amateur quality). The first 4 minutes or so he plays melodically on Simmons drums which were popular at that time. If you do nothing more, check out from about the 6:30 mark and watch his snare drum work and amazing patterns between the snare, bass drum and china cymbals.