Name the best sounding small portable bluetooth speaker anno 2021?

Best small sounding portable bluetooth speaker option under 150/200 bucks anno 2021?!

So here’s the thing, there are a couple of relatively small portable speakers such as the UE Wonderboom 2, Anker Flare 2, Marshall Emberton, Sonos Roam, JBL flip 4 and flip 5, Tribit Xsound go, Maxsound plus and Tribit Stormbox (Xboom), LG Xboom PL5 etc. etc.

But which speaker could be considered to be the best sounding small speaker for indoor and outdoor use? A speaker you can place on a table, take on a picknick or take with you on a holiday.

One more thing though, if we take the Sonos Roam for example, for the same price I could get myself two UE Wonderbooms 2 for example and play them in stereo mode. The same goes with the Tribit Xsound go upgraded editions which you can pair and play in stereo.

Maybe there are even better speakers for the price I mentioned. I’m not so much of a hardcore/hardstyle or heavy mental fan. So for listening to pop, classical, instrumental, rock, dance, funky, jazzy, voices etc. what would be the best overall sounding one (highs, mids, lows)?

All good options would be welcome. But keep in mind that sound and portability is everything and the two-for-the-price-of-one thing could also be an option.

(For those who want to name the Anker Soundcore Motion+ or Motion Boom, JBL Charge, the Sony XB43 or similar items, these are great but maybe a bit to big and thus less portable).

Please help me out picking the winners here and please tell me why I should pick one based on overall sound quality.

I have a pair of TurtleBox its in like a pelican case waterproof with a 6X9 coax speaker bluetooth pairs for stereo balanced for outside plays louder then you need  battery never died played them for over 10hrs  They sounded great on the beach this summer set them up 20ft out 20ft wide the speakers disappear sounded like the Beach Boys where coming out of the waves they are a little over your budget at $374 each 
DemerBox. They’re nearly indestructible and sound fantastic. Actual bass when the port plug is removed, and 100% waterproof when it’s installed. Ours is regularly submerged under a foot of water when we take it out on whitewater runs.

I’ve had it out on 3-4 day river trips and never ran out of battery. Plus you can change your device off the internal battery.