Name three of yours the most favourite drummers

I nominate the following

1. Mark Nauseef
2. Ginger Baker(yeah, the erly one!)
3. Jackie Liebezeit
How about Hal Blaine? He's played on gazillions of top selling hit songs. I'd be willing to wager there's at least one recording in everybody's collection that features his excellent and tasteful playing.
He's the master at playing exactly what the song requires and nothing more. He doesn't get into the egotistic gyrating that interests only other drummers, instead he finds the proper groove, propels the song forward and places a tasty fill where it works best. While he certainly is an excellent technician, he is without a doubt the most musical drummer ever to play on records, having provided the push that made many songs so memorable.

There are even drummers mentioned in this thread whose parts on their records were actually played by Hal.
Hi All,

Hal Blaine is one of my favorite drummers. I just had the pleasure to meet and speak with him at NAMM 2008. He was very gracious. His famous "monster" drum kit was on display at the Zildjian pavillion.

Alan White was also there. He's a teriffic drummer as well.

John Bonham - Force of Nature
Ginger Baker - GB and JB thought the were in a jazz band...w/EC as Ornette Coleman or maybe J Coltrane...can't remember.
Keith Moon - Force of Nature 2
Ringo Starr- Mr Self Control; a great percussionist...not simply a drummer

oops...guess that's 4