Name your favorite sax solo.

My personal favorite is Coleman Hawkins playing over Mood Indigo on Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins (Impulse). Gotta be one of the best things ever recorded. Melodic, technincal, beautiful... He was awsome even when he was just mailing it in. You can never have too much Hawk!
Lots of good solos mentioned. My champion soloist is without a doubt John Coltrane BUT I want to mention one that I go back to time and again for the sheer wonder and awe. An album named "CONFLUENCE" by Gato Barbieri and Dollar Brand(Abdullah Ibrahim)from 1970 on Arista Records. Not at all for the faint of heart and at the same time cathartic, spiritual and uplifting. The cut I speak of is "The Aloe And The Wildrose" which at 14:20 is a journey to parts exotic and back. Abdullah's piano is also a lost wonder. I'm curious how many others know this piece of music? Go ahead, a little adventure is good for the spirit.