Name your favorite sax solo.

My personal favorite is Coleman Hawkins playing over Mood Indigo on Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins (Impulse). Gotta be one of the best things ever recorded. Melodic, technincal, beautiful... He was awsome even when he was just mailing it in. You can never have too much Hawk!
A few...

Coltrane - Blue Train, Love Supreme, all Giant Steps, etc...
Johnny Hodges - I Don't Know About You/Blues A Plenty
Johnny Griffin - The Way You Look Tonight/Blowing Session, all on Monk's Misteroso
Cannonball Adderly - Autumn Leaves/Somethin' Else
Ben Webster - Chelsea Bridge with Mulligan, Danny Boy & Tenderly/King of the Tenors
Eric Dolphy - On Green Dolphin Street + more on Outward Bound & Out There
Joe Henderson - Inner Urge
Getz - Body & Soul, These Foolish Things, All Things You Are, Detour Ahead, all Gilberto
Sonny Rollins - St. Thomas & You Don't Know What Love is, Sax Colossus
Charlie Parker - any - maybe the best, even at his worst
Joshua Redman - entire Disc 1, Spirit of the Moment Live
James Carter - entire The Real Quietstorm & most of JC on Set
Ken Vandermark - Outside Ticket/Elements of Style
Eric Dolphy, lots of stuff on Outward Bound & Out There
Booker Ervin - lots on Exhultation and Freedom Book
Thanks Dave, will be digging a few of those out, (probably start w/ Vandermark)... Kurt McGettrick (RIP) We Are Not Alone from Zappa's Man From Utopia is big old barrel of baritone sax goodness.
Let's not pass over Paul Desmond who penned "Take Five" and forever changed the perception of jazz for all time. As well as Gerry Mulligan and Pepper Adams on the Baritone and the very often over looked Hank Mobley, but a true giant on the sax. And the great Chicago southside tenor that was Sonny Stitt.
Tom Scott "DESIRE" every tune on this album was amazing.If you like the sax you have to check it out.