Name your lame duck artist........

What artist do you put above all others in terms of lack of talent but somehow has achieved success?

For me Madonna has to be the queen of mediocrity (mediocre being a compliment in this case) - can't sing or act and what's with the fake english accent after living there a whole two years.
And don't get me going with all these new female jazz "singers" with that vomit inducing vibratoless whisper that seems to have become mandatory in that genre today......Jones clones.
Another vote for Sheryl Crow. Also, your'e gonna hate this, but, the Black Eyed Peas and U2. It seems, the more popular artists become, the more I am dumbfounded by their lack of talent. Hey, Kristopherson CAN write.
I am astounded at the quack quack suggestions of some of the the treads.
I have one; any American band that professes to be 'punk'.