Name your lame duck artist........

What artist do you put above all others in terms of lack of talent but somehow has achieved success?

For me Madonna has to be the queen of mediocrity (mediocre being a compliment in this case) - can't sing or act and what's with the fake english accent after living there a whole two years.
And don't get me going with all these new female jazz "singers" with that vomit inducing vibratoless whisper that seems to have become mandatory in that genre today......Jones clones.
Oh Oh, look who just arrived....come on in and make yourselves at home.

Dmob - great to see you coming in with guns blazing like that.....loved it. I was afraid to mention Diana Krall since there is a huge Kraller army on here. It was just like the infantry arrived.

Hey Bongo - looks like you got Darkmeobius all beered up before you guys kicked the door in.
Don't agree on the Kanye thing though - I never thought hip-hop stopped being fresh and never really got it when people said that about him. Plus, I have always been into a little more of the underground stuff, and to get the cover of time magazine I would have expected him to invent a whole new genre. As I said - great producer but I never could get into his rapping. When people from Sao Paulo speak they tend to sound like they are moaning (complaining) and Kanye's voice comes across to me like that too.
Great post too Bongo.
By the way, why should Kiss not make it based on a tongue? Jelo did it based on an ass.
Dmob - have you been reading my diary? Sounds like every name you mentioned was in there.
If all of the named "artists" are so untalented, then why are they successful and famous, whereas the people posting about them here are less so? Life is so unfair!
Seems to me when you pan an artist you imply you have taste. You didn't hurt my feelings. I think PB is highly talented and didn't want anyone not giving her a shot just 'cause some dude with tin ears says she's crap, than which it doesn't get much worse. I could understand your not digging her, but "doesn't get much worse"? No, only tin ears and a taste vacuum could come up with that. Leonard Cohen too, a major lyrical talent, to say the least. If you think either of these folks are crap (whether or not your cup of tea -- another matter), then the failure is yours. Same if you can't discern that and how why PB smokes Diana Krall. It's not all personal taste. Some things are better than others.