Name your lame duck artist........

What artist do you put above all others in terms of lack of talent but somehow has achieved success?

For me Madonna has to be the queen of mediocrity (mediocre being a compliment in this case) - can't sing or act and what's with the fake english accent after living there a whole two years.
And don't get me going with all these new female jazz "singers" with that vomit inducing vibratoless whisper that seems to have become mandatory in that genre today......Jones clones.
Hey Thomas,

Whatever you say.

I guess that I'm with the easily mislead and terribly misguided Cohen fans - including the hundreds of musicians who have recorded almost 2,000 cover versions of Cohen's songs. We have all been taken in by a giant scam perpetrated by that talentless hoodlum, who's laughing behind our collective backs the whole time.

Thankfully, you've seen through the ruse! We're saved!

OTOH, it's also possible that Cohen's lyrics (often about the conflicts of religion vs. faith, and sex vs. love) speak eloquently to anyone willing and able to listen and understand them. That would include Jeff Buckly, John Cale, Joan Baez, Jennifer Warnes, Johnny Cash, Tori Amos, Roy Buchannon, Nick Cave and a host of similar fools who don't realize thast it's all just:

"Toilet Flush"


PS I do, however, believe you when you say that Cohen is your pet peeve,

That is too funny dude, this is no BS, I read your post, and on my way home stopped at Goode Co BBQ, picked up dinner for the family, and some pecan pie.

The wife will have no idea what's really causing my smile. Also, Beyonce's asset is not bountiful, it's beautiful!!

Oh yeah, I think Emerson, Lake and Palmer really sucked, back to the original question of Lame Duck artists. They especially sucked because they were all world class musicians who took themselves too seriously. They were no fun at all.

I did not elaborate that everyone doesn't like someone that is a gold or platinum selling artist enjoying critical acclaim and the adulation of fans and critics.

Go figure...
Mac daddy

I was just there yesterday. Took the edge off the cold rain. You can thank your lucky stars that may be the best Texas brisket in Houston.
Taylor Swift can't sing, writing and performing is okay and her fans love her. Now winning a Grammy for vocal performance what a joke. Grammys have sold out now too.