Napping while listening

I got this thing where I feel like need a nap so I lay on the floor where I am not to comfortable to fall dead asleep, turn on the rig and usually fire up radio paradise as they have a good eclectic stream. If a track has a good enough hook I can kinda hang and ride on it in this half in/out state. Really fun. Tonight ,Tomorrow Never Knows comes on. Wow , best ride yet, Ringo’s drums. I guess I never realized how he just keeps that same tom/snare beat going through the entire track without a fill or any change. Totally makes the track for me and so trippy hearing it in a dream like state.


I have a custom mix CD of Elton John I play when I go to bed. If I am not asleep by the 5th song I get up and watch TV for a bit.

I retired early when I became financial free of all debt and able to make way more money retired than when working. Should have retired even earlier, you only live once, enjoy it.

if I wake up early and can’t go to sleep, I’ll turn on some tunes and there’s a good chance I fall back to sleep. Jazz and blues can do this. But listening to Dream Theater or other heavy music, I’m up for the duration. If both my wife and I are up trying to sleep, we will put on some Pink Floyd or Alan Parsons on our bedroom system to fall asleep.


Retired at 60 and love it.  Busy as ever.  How did I find the time before. Listening to every record I own and entering it into Discogs.  A multi year process. 

Freud, I believe wrote about the state between sleep and being awake. I often fall into that space and might go in and out of wake and sleep, while listening on my great rig. I have always thought it allowed me to experience things in ways that I could not while fully awake. 

I often nod off while listening in the evening after work. I nap on Saturday and usually have a great Saturday night listening session. Sunday evenings are pretty good, too.

Just under 2 years to retirement... can’t wait to ramp up my needle dropping efforts and spend more time listening!!


IME, there are two types of retirees. Type one lived to work and retired because, well, it’s what you do. Three weeks after the retirement party, (it’s never 2 weeks or four weeks), he is popping into the office to say hello, even though he lives nowhere nearby. He will mumble some excuse about being in the neighborhood. The visit is very awkward and uncomfortable for everyone, and he never returns.  This guy has no hobbies, an empty nest, and now realizes he doesn’t like his wife as much as he thought he did when he only saw her on nights and weekends.


The second type is never seen or heard from after the retirement party. He has one or more hobbies, enjoys being around his home, and is too busy to stay in touch with his work comrades. I know I will be in this category. Got the Retirement Countdown Clock app on my phone...tic, toc....