Napping while listening

I got this thing where I feel like need a nap so I lay on the floor where I am not to comfortable to fall dead asleep, turn on the rig and usually fire up radio paradise as they have a good eclectic stream. If a track has a good enough hook I can kinda hang and ride on it in this half in/out state. Really fun. Tonight ,Tomorrow Never Knows comes on. Wow , best ride yet, Ringo’s drums. I guess I never realized how he just keeps that same tom/snare beat going through the entire track without a fill or any change. Totally makes the track for me and so trippy hearing it in a dream like state.


One of my favorite things to do late at night  is tune into one of my playlists on Qobuz. My lists are pretty long so I can start in different places each time I do this. I make a mental note of the starting song, try to remember the last song being awake and enjoying and then seeing how many songs I have enjoyed while sleeping by counting the number in between. Sometimes it is only a couple but there are times when I have roused myself hearing only silence. Definitely time for bed in those instances.  

Like @ghdprentice and @mahgister I frequently fall into a meditative state while listening. I feel the “spirits” of the musicians and composers. Better than sleep!

Listening to music through my system excites me, engages me, places me near the performers, places me in whatever intended environment within the recording, and makes for an escape from whatever nasties I experience daily in my life. I am all in. For me, I am " feeling the musicians " and, ingulfed in the compositions. I never get tired during a listening session. And this " meditative " state that is being spoke seems like the wrong word, at least to me....especially, if you ever really meditated. My word..." absorbed ". Enjoy ! Always, MrD.