Nativ Sound Vita

Has anyone actually USED or does anyone OWN a Nativ Sound Vita???

Great looking product and occasionally they have promos that get the price down .. a Mac Mini might be cheaper but the Nativ is more attractive (to my eyes anyway) and I am looking for a music only product not something to surf the net or use for spreadsheets

Wow, how long have you had the DAC and power supply?  I just got my Wave and Pulse in a few days ago.  Indeed it has been a headache getting the software to work.  The Vita alone worked fairly well for a while, but I am starting to feel like jumping ship too after waiting years for the product.  Pretty disappointing to have this many issues after waiting all this time.  It does sound pretty good when it worked for a few days.  

I'm stuck trying to recover the whole Vita now.  Since connecting the DAC and PSU.  The Vita just super crashed on me and is stuck in a endless loop or rebooting cycle.

I'll give it a little more time to see if the kinks get worked out, may I ask what were the issues you were experiencing?
del922 sent you a PM ... might be interested in your setup ... looking for something to burn my CD collection and stream Internet radio ... would use my own DAC
I have had the Vita for over a year now and have not had any issues. I received the DAC and PSU last week and set it up over the weekend. To my ears, I liked the DAC in the Mark Levinson 585 better and have gone back to the Vita using the DAC on the ML.  The DAC and the PSU are going to be put up for sale.  
can you describe how the Nativ Wave and with pulse psu compares to any other dacs?  Looks like the ML 585 is pretty expensive comparitively.  mine is supposed to ship in a couple weeks after the next firmware update