NBS Classic vs. Monitor vs Omega Series

Hi, Has any one here ever listened to and compared the differences among NBS's Classic line versus its Monitor and Omega lines at the same price levels? For example, how does a Master 2 compare to a Monitor 2 or an Omega 2? This applies to interconnects, speaker cables and power cords.

Also, any knowlege of differences among Classic I, Classic II and Classic III products will be greatly appreciated. For example, is a Master III better than a Master II? If so, is its performance closer to a Professional II or Statement II?

The NBS website provides very little information, so it has been difficult to do much research on these topics. Thank you in advance for sharing your knowlege and experience.
The lower the number in each NBS series, the more expensive and, presumably, the better the cable. The top of the Monitor line was Monitor 0, the speaker cables of which I still have, and it was clearly superior to Monitor 1, which I compared it to, and a reliable source assured me that that was superior to Monitor 2. The same should be true of the Omega series, which is the newest. The same reliable source told me that he had compared an Omega cable against the equivalent Monitor and preferred the Monitor, but I haven't done it myself and don't know whether the Omega was fully broken in.
I went from Monitor 1 interconnects and speaker cables to Omega (not Omega 1) and I like the Omegas a lot (so far I have not upgraded my Monitor 1 power cords).

I never had Monitor 0 in my room but I have heard it several times at my hifi dealer in a system that is almost identical to mine (The difference being that I have a Pass X350 and his system had either Pass X600 or Ayre V1 - the rest of the system consists of the Ayre D1 CD/DVD player, the Ayre K1 pre and Avalon Eidolon speakers).

My impression was that the Monitor 0 was an improved Monitor 1 but with the same sonic finger print. The Omegas seem to be fuller without any exagerations, more extended in the highs, have an incredibly clean mid range and produce the quitest background that I have ever heard.

As I said, I have not been able to compare the same level Monitor and Omega in my own room, but I would never go back to Monitor 1 now that I have the Omegas.
That's very useful information, guys. Now that we have a comparison between the Monitor and the Omega series, I hope someone can provide a referece with the Classic series too!
I have used all the cables, I have 3 different systems 3 floors. I have the Omega 0's the professional 3's and monitors 1's. I have switched back and forth. I find the monitors to extend more than the pros but had an analytic sound. The pro's were warmer and fatter which makes them sound slower but they arn't. The omega's provide the best of both cables. What must be done is getting the right cable for your system and personal preferance. I like the warm sound. I have the omega's on the Vtl/Cat/Vkd5se. I like the pros on the Plinius 8200/Sony Cd/. I like the pros/omega combination on the Bat500/dk5se/Herron system which i hope to get omega's eventually
Thanks a million Jazzhelp!!! This is most helpful. Based on you input and what I have heard, I think I have a better feel for the differences now.