NBS Monitor 3 IC

Can anybody help with experiences regarding the
NBS Monitor 3 IC (balanced)?
I might use it between the REVEL LE-1 (crossover/bass amp) and the McIntosh MC 2000 tube amp.
I can tell you about Monitor 2, I found it to be the best of the laid back variety of cable, that I have tried. It has a weighty bottom end with a smooth midrange and a very slightly rolled top, while at the same time preserving the ambience and detail. If it weren't for Nordost Quattro Fil, I would stick with NBS. I prefer the snap and speed as well as the detail retrieval of Quattro Fil. If your system leans slightly towards bright then you will probably love the NBS. If you are interested I can sell you my 4ft XLR Monitor 2.