NE1 know where to find out if a source is discrete on/off?

hi all-
i need to find out if my TV, DVD and CD players contain discrete on/off settings or if i need to buy a current sensor for them to be remote controlled successfully. Does anyone know a website that has this information? Thanks!

Remote control central does a great job in this area.

They even include the codes for many things the companies themselves deny having discreet codes for (ie Replay TV's)

Good luck!

As an aside, you can get away without discreet codes if you can find a key that gets the unit into a 'known state', ie on or off, always. VCRs are famous for 'play' always turning them on. In this case, you can use a macro to hit play (to make sure it's on) then stop (if you want it just on) or then a pause and the power button to make sure it's off. It makes the remote work slightly slower, but not anything you should be bothered by.

My pre/pro (Linn 5103) doesn't have either so I've got it set up in a generic start screen that welcomes you to my HT, once you hit this, it triggers the standby (turns it on). I then only have that code again in the macro for system off that takes you back to the startup screen (and in a special power button screen just in case..). It's not perfect, but in two years I've only had to use the power button for it like twice, so I'm pretty happy with that.
that's a good idea i didnt think of. do i really need a video sensor for my satellite dish? also, is there a way for my tv to do the kind of code changes you were referring to for the vcr above? in other words, i dont know of any other buttons for turning tv on other than power.... any ideas?