Nearly all manufacturers do not advertise/exhibit their product measurements? Why?

After my Audio Science Review review forum, it became apparent that nearly the only way one can determine the measurements of an audio product is wait for a review on line or in a publication.  Most equipment is never reviewed or is given a subjective analysis rather than a measurement oriented review.  One would think that manufacturers used tests and measurements to design and construct their products. 

Manufacturers routinely give the performance characteristics of their products as Specifications.  Those are not test measurements.

I searched the Revel speaker site for measurements of any of their speakers and could not find any.  Revels are universally lauded for their exceptional reviewed measurements.  Lack of published manufacturer measurements is true for nearly every speaker manufacturer I've searched for on line, perhaps several hundred.   Same is true for amps, pre-amps, DACs, transports, turntables, well you get the picture.  Do they have something to hide?   I doubt the good quality products have anything to hide but poor quality products do.  

ASR prides itself in providing "true" measurements that will aid in purchase decisions.   Why don't the manufacturers provide these measurements so that reviewers can test if they are truthful or not?

Then there are the cables and tweaks for which I suspect that there are inadequate tests available to measure sonically perceived differences but which objectivists believe don't exist or are "snake oil."  

Well, please chime in if you have some illuminating thoughts on the subject.   

I would have loved to see manufacturers measurements on my equipment and especially those that I rejected.  


Not what I said @amir_asr I said I bet. I did not definitively state that it did, However based on the images of Mikes room and your room, I think it is a safe bet.

Now just go away you are annoying and I am not joining your cult.

Is anyone surprised that @amir_asr is unwilling/unable to post his own system? It is curious.

You are like a broken record.

I've been to Mikes three times, including one solo visit. Mike's room is so good my first time I sensed it just walking in the door. Then walking around taking it all in the sights and the sounds this sense of acoustic bliss grew and grew. At one point during the first visit with someone else in the sweet spot I took the opportunity to stroll around checking out the sound from lots of different places. Growing more and more impressed, finally I went right into a corner. Try this some time. Very hard to not have boomy bass in a corner. Nothing. Nada.

Looking around it was apparent even before Mike explained anything that he had some false walls and storage hiding bass traps. The openings were nicely covered in fabric making them appear as if they are not there at all.

If the traps are hidden the diffusers and absorption panels are not. The whole room was professionally designed, and then refined and perfected by Mike making countless improvements over the years. The result is the most perfect acoustic space I have ever heard. 

Just outside Mike's listening room is a very nicely stocked wet bar. This is where I discovered the most delicious whiskey of all time, Angel's Envy Finished Rye. About the only thing more delicious than that is when Mike put his dubbed master tape of Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here on the Studer.

In short, it is hard to think of anything more disastrously credibility destroying than to criticize Mike's room, or hospitality. 

There is no dishonour in gated measurements… I think even Klipple uses gated measurements.

That is true but not in the manner you are thinking.  Gated measurements are used in Klippel for higher frequencies (usually above 1 kHz -- it is a  user setting).  Lower are generated using field separation giving you very high resolution down to 20 Hz (or even lower) -- something any reasonable sized anechoic chamber can't do.


@holmz That maybe, but it is a factual statement you cannot argue. People who live in glass houses…