Neat "Tweaks" to improve the SQ of your streamed music!!!

After over 40 years of playing around with high end audio gear, I would consider myself a pretty well oiled audiophile (old fart). My current audio system is very highly resolving, if I may say so myself. At this juncture, I stream exclusively, so I concentrate on and strive to obtain the highest quality of sound from my streamed music. I have installed several wonderfully effective tweaks throughout my audio system over the past few years, but two of the greatest and most effective tweaks that I feel so fortunate to have discovered were the iFi LAN iSilencer and the Puron AC Conditioner. I use iFi iSilencers on all three of my ethernet cables, and I also use two of the Puron Conditioners in my listening room. I’ll let you do the research for more details on these incredible devises for yourself. But, all I can tell you is this, once I added the devices to my already highly detailed, transparent and resolving system, everything improved!!! Palpability, realism, organic-ness, see-through transparency, etc., all shined though to an even greater degree. When added to the elements of my system that are critical to the overall SQ of my streamed music, these devices actually elevated the sound quality of my audio system to a higher plateau. What these devices do so well is they effectively filter out, cleaning up and eliminate the grunge and noise from the electrical signal in the listening room, and also the ethernet signal itself, to help create a blacker, quieter background in the music. And, all at, IMHO, an extremely reasonable price. Mind you, I’m in no way associated with either company. I’m just passing on to others my own personal positive experience with these two incredible devices. They're quite amazing!!!  Happy listening.


@upshift and @dinov sounds a way to go. Do your optical cables come with RJ45 interconnects? I assume that is required to go into my streamer, router and Lan Silencer. 

I will second the Puron conditioner.  For $200, it is a silly and definitely not subtle improvement to SQ.  I put two of them into my system, let them run for 24 hours and then did some serious listening.  At first, I had picked well recorded "test" music, which was noticeably better.  then I put on some low quality stuff, like Led Zep soundboards and there was still a noticeable improvement in soundstage depth and a blacker background.  When I can put something in my system for $400 that makes an audible difference, you can't go wrong, IMHO.

I recently added a ifi Lan silencer to my streamer and believe it was a worthwhile upgrade. Streamed music is a little more transparent now,  very close if not as good  to the sound of the actual CD.