Need a DAC Recommendation.

Im retired and can only spend $1200 to $1500 on a DAC. What would you recommend? I assume I will be in the Used market.  Thanks!
@what I do not leave it on all the time. I turn it on in the morning and shut it down around 1AM. I am usually listening to tunes during that time. In the course of the day the unit does get warm. It is the warmest DAC I have owned but it is not scalding hot. The heat that it generates is likely not ideal for long term ownership. I am pretty confident I can get 5 years easy with this DAC. 

I believe there is a Class A output stage on this DAC and that is what makes it warm. I sit 2 feet away from the DAC and do not feel the heat from it.

I also do not notice that the DAC sounds any worse in the morning after turn on, but then again I am pretty groggy in the morning.
The Music Room has 3 Topping D 90 DACs. No Topping D 90 SE. Does anyone no the difference in the two models and is the plain D 90 a good DAC?

Thanks everyone for your Input!
There are a ton of options, especially used.
Personally, I prefer NOS DACs.
Look into a used Metrum, MHDT or of you can find one, a Yamamoto.
Just my 2 pennies.
In this price range, I would absolutely be looking at a Denafrips Pontus II for $1700 US.