Need a DAC Recommendation.

Im retired and can only spend $1200 to $1500 on a DAC. What would you recommend? I assume I will be in the Used market.  Thanks!
I had a Yggy analog2 and much preferred the W4S DSD2 SE as a bonus it has an attenuator and can be a pre amp
the W4S was less fatiguing and much cleaner low end 
As a few others have mentioned RME is very good in that range. Plus has a very transparent EQ to flavor to taste. 
paulcreed354 posts06-24-2021 6:37pmI have the RME adi-2 and MHDT Orchid and enjoy both but very different. I added the Teddy Pardue psu to the RME and added better caps and 6sn7 and 6922 tube adapters to th MHDT.

The RME has nice big bass very transparent without being analytical and a lot of features. The Orchid is more analog not as transparent but very enjoyable. There both great but I tend to listen to the RME more but the Orchid is great with acoustic jazz and blues and images very well.

He's right.  The RME will give you maximum return for $$ under $20k.  Higher price no result.  It will not convert A>D, get a Babyface for that.  The Teddy super-regulator adds a slight edge.
I use all digital sources, so currently running an all tube system. I've used an MHDT Orchid for a while now and enjoy it very much, sound is warm, but not overly so. Plenty of detail. My second r2r DAC- they beat the pants off high oversampling DACs to me. Do kind of wish the tube could be switched in/out of the signal path, it's nice to have that option if one enjoys a wide variety of genres and styles.
I have a Gustard A22 for sale. 95% of the what the X26 does from a reviewer who has reviewed both.