Need a easy drive speaker while I am traveling

I love the music so much, if I am going out for travel with my car for a few weeks, I can not stand without the I search a replacement way, the amplifier I can find is Yamaha r-N602 as it is a streamer amplifier and it is the jazz I love on that streamer, then I need to select a pair of speakers. Obviously it will be easy to drive and be best for vocal Jazz. Could anyone here to suggest something to me? Thanks very much.


I would just look into a good Bluetooth speaker like the offerings from Marshall, B&O or the B&W Zeppelin. 

Second the Marshall Bluetooth speakers.

they are exceptional in the Bluetooth category

Also look at Klipsch The One. This is a great sounding bluetooth speaker for small rooms. We use it at our mountain condo and it fills that small space easily.



@ozzy62  Thanks for your information. I will use klipsch bookshelf speakers instead.    Most of time,I do not like the active speakers, I do not know why, but I just do not want to listen.

         Maybe  it is class D amplifier inside.