need a good 100 watt, 2 channel receiver

I am the proud owner of a 20 year old MAC 4100 receiver (fm/am/phono/aux1 and 2). I am up there in age and I am now handicapped. So I need a new receiver - this one with a remote control. Most of the receivers I see now are home theater units with 5 channels - at 100 watts per channel. Although some say that their THD is .05% (per channel, I assume), I cannot believe that manufacturers can build a reliable unit with those characteristics which sells for $600-800.

In any case, all I want is a good 100 watt, 2 channel receiver that is build well and has THD of .02%, which is what I am accustomed to. The only unit I can find with these characteristics is a Yamaha RX-777;MSRP is $550. I have two Klipsh Cornwall speakers and a Sony 400 CD "jukebox" player (I cannot get up and down to change CDs).

Can anyone help me? Is the quality of "mid-fi" circuitry as good as "hi-fi" was 20 years ago. How about workmanship? Would the Yamaha unit be as good as it can get without going to separates? Are there other manufacturers who offer a unit that suites my needs?

I know all of you are concerned with very high end equipment. I would, however, like to call upon your collective expertise in this matter. I can't really trust the dealers to give me the straight answer. Please, please do not tell me to junk my stuff and invest in a "Megatronic 5000 amp" and a "Supervox 7.5 preamp with radical cycloconcetric feedback transistors." I have just a few years left and I just want to listen to my music without a lot of trouble.
i would recomend maybe a harman kardon or maybe a denon. i would not rely on specs. that is just somthing to sell gear. i would not buy the yamaha. it sounds terrible. b&k ,denon maybe the onkyo. the hifi of yesterday still beats some high end gear. thats why mcintosh brings so much. good luck and i hope this helps.
Within this audiophile world of lots of big $ hardware, there are a few well-respected manufacturers of mid $ components. Rotel and NAD are two of them.
I second the votes for Rotel and NAD. Solid mid-fi equipment and you should find them at affordable prices. For NAD, check the online adds here on Audiogon. Some stores are offering some pretty good mail order deals (new equipment).

I have a potential solution that would be not only cost effective but also allow you to use your beloved MAC. Creek makes a remote controlled volume control unit (OBH-10) that retails for $250. If the MAC has jumpers between the pre and power sections, the Creek can be inserted to allow you to control volume remotely.

The only downside would be that switching of sources would still have to be done manually, but this doesn't sound like a problem as you list the SONY changer as your only source. You can find this unit at These people are very friendly and helpful, so they can give guidance about whether this will work with your MAC receiver. Also, they have a money back guarantee to protect you if it is not to your liking once you hook it up.

You can expect zero change in the sonic character due to the use of the Creek; it is very transparent. This is not only a cheaper route, but will probably give you better sound in the bargain.

Good luck.
Yes, NAD, Rotel (RX950 or RX975 the best). I use a discontinued Onkyo Integra TX870 in my office which sounds great if you can find one. Uses Onkyo's R1 remotes. Integra is Onkyo better line. The other older Integra receiver is the TX65 I think. The TX8511 is not an Integra, but is OK. It can be had for $100+/- on ebay B Stock or used quite often. I agree that vintage Harmon Kardon is very good. Vintage as in has analog dial tuner section (late 1970s).

Also do not be hung up on watts. NAD traditionally grossly under rates their amps as far as power. Call or EMail Richard Moulding at Spearit Sound. They are an excellent dealer I have known for 25 years (used to be Northampton Audio) He has a new NAD 730b on special for $329. The tuner section even has RDS! Tell him Tom Burton sent you (probably gets you nothing, Ha!) The link is (You will have to re-enter main web address to get the java menus).