Need a good biwire cable pair for b&w 802 d3 speakers?

I have biwire cables but need 2 more feet so I need new cables. Saw k4b biwire cables 13 ft for $82 a pair.

amp used is a Macintosh.  Any ideas?
Couple hundred hrs to settle in cable?? How much canare? Seems biwire still good, no?
A $22K speaker driven by a $82 cable? Dunno, but my little finger tells me that you will do a disservice to your speaker....

In your position, I would go to my nearest audio dealer and ask for a few cable loaners at different price range, and hear the differences. There is no free lunch in audio, where you typically get what you pay for. Just go for the better sound that your wallet can afford. Speaker cables will have a huge impact on your sound. Be careful matching your amp/speaker cables/speakers. It’s all a matter of system tuning and integration.

I own a pair of refurbished Apogee Duetta Signature speakers. I started using them with MIT-330 speaker cables. A year later, bought another pair of MIT-330 and bi-wired my speakers. Huge difference in sound and never looked back. However, bi-wiring is speaker dependent. Contact BW to validate if they favor bi-wiring. They may also suggest you some speaker cable manufacturers that work well with their speakers.
Bad choice, no difference. 
1. McIntosh have an output transformer and low DF (40 or less). so speaker cables do not make a difference.
2. If you look at a Bi-wire or an equivalent full range cable, that has the same cross section, the  full range cable will perform better.
It show up on P-Spice analysis. It also makes sense when you think of how currents flow there.
Bi-Wire was a big sales point in the mid 90's. Forget about it. 
you raise some really good points. Can you clarify pt 1.

for those who believe in cables, what about ‘transparent’ cables.  Seems to be a really good Maine co that offers strong expertise.