Need a good inexpensive stereo pre!

Ive just listened to a myriad of cds from my Pioneer DV414 (it uses 24bit/96khz dacs) and the sound is very good except for alot of brightness in the higher frequencies. I'm using Transparent Link 100 rcas between the dv414 and Chase RLC-1 pre ($59!!), and the pre and an Acurus A200 stereo amp. A double run of DH Labs T-14 speakers cables connect the amp to NHT 2.5is. I dont know if the brightness is coming from the dvd player, pre, amp, speakers or a combo of components. Anyone with ideas about other stereo pres passive or active? What about the Creek OBH-12? Thanks in advance! Ricky
Audio Alchemy DLC, with No. 3 power supply. Use a very good power cord and line conditioner, and you won't want anything else, unless 2 or 3 thousand is pocket change to you.
The Creek is very good equipment.However the Forte preamps are very good and build quality is unsurpassed. The model 40 can usually be had for around $300.00.