need a good preamp for around 500

i have the folowwing equip. pioneer elite tx39 as preamp now. psb stratus gold towers.nad c541 cdp. sonance 260 2 channel amp. tara labs vector rsc 2 ic and have signal cable double run speakers wires. What would be a good move for me when looking for a good preamp. acan be an older model if neededm thanks for any info kevin
AES AE3 used. You won't regret it. And if you buy used you should have money for another set of tubes. I love mine. It adds warmth. The first thing I notiticed was that I could hear the wood in accoustic guitars.
great info guys. i have never had anything tube before. looks like that must be the way to go. thanks alot please chime in if u see anything else. cheers kevin