Need a high-WAF stand solution

I'm moving the stereo into the living room, so need a stand solution with a high WAF.  In my case, that means a cabinet where all the components aren't on display, with the possible exception of my flat black power amp, which could go on top.  Other wood tones in the room are dark cherry, and a brownish stained rosewood. 

I'm looking to have the components stacked in a single column, don't have room for a wider TV cabinet.  I could spend as much as $3000 for the right piece.

From a tone matching point-of-view, the best solution would be a Salamander Synergy 402 in cherry.  But I've heard concerns about the overall construction quality, and resonance that affects the sound quality.  It looks like the back panel is removable, so there should be good cooling airflow.  Anybody have first hand experience?  Are the included shelves stable enough so that I could add on some third party isolation platforms?

The BDI Corridor Audio Tower would be my first choice if it came in cherry -- reviews say quality is good and resonance is minimized.  I'm also considering the BDI Mirage Audio Tower if I can't find a red wood solution I like better.  Wondering if the build quality on that is as good as on the Corridor, given the price difference.
I love the looks of the Timbernation stands, but they all display the components.  I've contacted a couple of local cabinetmakers to get custom pieces, but lead times are quite long at the moment. 

Anybody have any options I haven't considered, or have opinions on the pieces I'm considering?

I have exactly what you need. A audio cabinet made from to solid walnut clothes cabinets two sets of doors to hide everything. Very attractive. My uncle made it from old furniture and it is really beautiful. Has spaces for five pieces of gear plus one turntable.  If you are anywhere near Wichita KS. I can show it to you. I can be had for very little money. Call/text 316 371 4276. 
@backwash -- Sadly, I am out in Portland OR.  Would love to come see it, but that's not really in the cards.  Thanks for the response. 

Check out Audio Elegance/Standman.Jeff Dicks does excellent, beautiful custom work with top notch service.
I have a dieter rams designed vitsoe 606 shelf system... It is modular so you can add partitions and move shelves at will. Have isoacoustics zazen under the vinyl rig. I went from wall mounted shelf and ugly stand to something like this
Here are vitsoe pics
Long way from cinder blocks and milk crates. If someone was skilled enough could market that look with more quality components to appeal to our nostalgia. 
I have grown to accept and even appreciate the WAF. And she has even grown to like the look of my LS50's. My other speakers not so much.