Need a little help with Original Parasound JC-1 amp(s)

So I have pair on demo from a local shop and it appears that they have had parts replaced throughout the years. In the picture I’m looking for the missing heat sink on the input mosfet and I also wonder if anyone notices anything else out of sorts? Any help would be great!





They sound pretty good, but the rebuilt amp runs much hotter than the older non-rebuilt amp that has the missing heat sink. When I first got these amps they had mismatched parts then I asked the dealer to match them up and so far they look a little better from a parts perspective but I don’t know enough to notice right/wrong on the internals. I’m having a friend/tech coming over tomorrow to check the bias and DC offset as well.

If you use the high bias setting and are driving your loudspeakers hard, they have a significant thermal load. My brother failed his driving Magnepan 3.6s. I think I would set my bias to low unless I was driving easy loads at normal volume. YMMV.

These are driving a pair of B&W Nautilus 801 and I wouldn't think they are too hard on the amps?