Need a new Hi-Fi rack?

I have a question for you HiFi rack/platform/support experts. I am currently using an Atacama Equinox rack (purchased in 2002). It’s a decent but basic rack that I have supplemented with Terrastone platforms and footers from Edensound Audio under every component. Now that my system is at a point where I don’t want to change any components, I am thinking of getting a “better” rack. What I’m wondering is since I have spent a lot of money on the Terrastone products and have great sound already, do I stand to gain anything more than aesthetics by spending a chunk of money on a new rack? I’m considering a wood-construct rack such as those by Audio Elegance or alternatively an Adona reference rack. I would still use the Terrastone stuff on the new rack. For perspective, my system is: VPI HW40/Soundsmith Hyperion/Transfiguration Proteus—Musical Fidelity NuVista Vinyl and Herron VTPH2A phono stages—Musical Fidelity NuVista 800 amp—NuVista CD player—Transparent Powerisolator Reference—Wilson Audio Sashas—Transparent reference signal and power cables—Stillpoints Apertures—Synergistic Research HFTs—Terrastone platforms and footers. Thanks for your advice!
Well first of all that system- Hyperion, Herron, HFT- congratulations! Theoretically yes, you do stand to gain more than just aesthetics, because racks really do make a difference. Unfortunately, nobody wants to hear what works best, and nobody'd make it anyway, because its mass and mass ships expensive. So they mostly wind up being just heavy enough to not be too horrible, and hope that with a good enough shape or finish nobody will notice. Because, I mean, who "auditions" racks in their system anyway?

So pretty much guarantee you buy the one you like the looks of. It is after all what we all do. The one thing I would suggest though is to consider the turntable separately from everything else. Even two of the exact same rack from the same company will be better than putting it all on one. 
Thanks Millercarbon. I have it set up now so that I have a center unit with three shelves which includes my amplifier, phono stage, and turntable on top. Then the power conditioner is on one shelf on the floor to the left and the CD player is on another shelf on the floor to the right. I intend to duplicate that with the new rack system with a central three shelf unit and flanking amplifier stands. I want to keep overall height down as low as possible, which is why I broke down the original five tier Atacama rack the way I have described. What exactly would you recommend? Thanks.
Low is good. Floor is better. Impractical, but better.

Nothing I tried that was anything like all the stands you see came anywhere close to the floor. My system is all laid out to maximize my audio dollar and performance. Power conditioner on the floor by the front wall. Power cords going left to sub amps on the floor, to the integrated sitting on the floor dead center and a bit further out, and to the right to the turntable/phono stage/motor controller rack. Being back against the wall and off to the right the one thing that would mess up imaging can't because of where it is. All the other stuff is so low, even sitting on a granite plate and Cones the amp is only 12-18" and even that surface is broken up, so its almost not even there.

That's my tip- low, and broken up. Its better if its not there at all. But if its low and broken up then it will act almost as a diffuser and that's what you want.

Anything beyond that, tap on it. If it the sound is hard and fairly sharp and immediately dies it'll probably be okay. If it rings, or tings, or vibrates or anything at all like that, walk away.