Need a new Hi-Fi rack?

I have a question for you HiFi rack/platform/support experts. I am currently using an Atacama Equinox rack (purchased in 2002). It’s a decent but basic rack that I have supplemented with Terrastone platforms and footers from Edensound Audio under every component. Now that my system is at a point where I don’t want to change any components, I am thinking of getting a “better” rack. What I’m wondering is since I have spent a lot of money on the Terrastone products and have great sound already, do I stand to gain anything more than aesthetics by spending a chunk of money on a new rack? I’m considering a wood-construct rack such as those by Audio Elegance or alternatively an Adona reference rack. I would still use the Terrastone stuff on the new rack. For perspective, my system is: VPI HW40/Soundsmith Hyperion/Transfiguration Proteus—Musical Fidelity NuVista Vinyl and Herron VTPH2A phono stages—Musical Fidelity NuVista 800 amp—NuVista CD player—Transparent Powerisolator Reference—Wilson Audio Sashas—Transparent reference signal and power cables—Stillpoints Apertures—Synergistic Research HFTs—Terrastone platforms and footers. Thanks for your advice!
If you have a concrete floor, you might consider a concrete block stand. While possibly not in line with what you might want aesthetically, it sounds great. I use blocks with 3" maple top. 
Thanks noromance. I bet that does work well, but the aesthetic would fit in my room.
Here is a very old photo of my system from 2004.
Not to say "do this" but to give some idea just what it takes to make a rack that’s better than the floor. It ain’t easy! The floor has all the advantages. But with just 700 lbs of concrete, sand, granite, and carbon fiber it can be done!

All humor aside it shows cheap material like concrete can be cast into graceful curves that when painted don’t look at all like concrete. The ABS columns are polished and in person you’d never think ABS. Concrete doesn’t have to mean cinder blocks. Doing it again today I would probably use real wood veneer. Still might. Could be added any time.

Whatever you get, if its low and squat, stiff, solid and massive, especially with most of the mass up high and as near the turntable as possible, with as little on it as possible (ideally table and phono stage is all) then you should be fine. Whatever you do plan on an extra 6" or so. Because no matter how good the rack it will be even better with something on top. Sand box, big thick butcher block, BDR Shelf for the Source, whatever it is, be thinking about it, because of all the things you do this will probably be the most important and cost-effective.
I use a Core Audio Designs custom rack with my TT setup:

Results are perfect IMHO. Not only does this rack look beautiful, performance is spectacular. You can actually jump up and down in front of the rack with absolutely no effect on TT playback. I even tried kicking the rack once during TT playback (not recommended!), again, no effect on playback. Outstanding isolation. Details of my system can be found here:

BTW, no affiliation with Core Audio Design, just a very satisfied customer.