Need a new integrated, what say you?

I’m in need of a new integrated amp. My old ML 383 had developed issues and was in need of a refurbish. This wasn’t in my budget so it was sold, along with some other hifi items that were no longer needed, to allow for a new integrated. My budget is roughly $2,000 or less. Room specs are roughly 12x12 with an extended outcove area of approx 5x7. My speakers are about 6.5ft apart (center to center) and I sit roughly 8ft away. So my system is in a small room and in a nearfield-ish arrangement. Speakers are Revel F30’s and source is Cambridge 851C. As for integrateds, I was thinking about the matching Cambridge 851A, Parasound Halo (original), and Hegel H160. A friend of mine is selling a Primare I21 and had thought about that too. This is a 75 at 8, 125 at 4 integrated, but reportedly has grunt to push bigger speakers. Looking for other suggestions and guidance.



You might want to check out the Yamaha R-N1000A. If I was in the market for an integrated I would definitely have this on the list. Exciting time for you. Lots of great stuff out there. Good luck in your search.



nice speakers!

low efficiency 87-88 and 6 ohm dipping to 3 ohm, that is a combo that needs the right choice. Your friend's unit, 125 wpc at 4 ohms seems to fit. Will he let you hear it with your speakers?

Nothing I own is right for that, and past McIntosh 300wpc was amp, not integrated.

I'm interested to see what people recommend and you choose, best of luck.

Go with a cayin h80a hybrid integrated. It’s pure class A up to 80wpc. It has 2 preamp tubes so easy to tailor the sound to your preference. I’ve heard one running 2 Uber high end focals and it was awesome. The best thing is you might be able to find one around 2k. Very well built, very heavy. Good luck