Need a new integrated, what say you?

I’m in need of a new integrated amp. My old ML 383 had developed issues and was in need of a refurbish. This wasn’t in my budget so it was sold, along with some other hifi items that were no longer needed, to allow for a new integrated. My budget is roughly $2,000 or less. Room specs are roughly 12x12 with an extended outcove area of approx 5x7. My speakers are about 6.5ft apart (center to center) and I sit roughly 8ft away. So my system is in a small room and in a nearfield-ish arrangement. Speakers are Revel F30’s and source is Cambridge 851C. As for integrateds, I was thinking about the matching Cambridge 851A, Parasound Halo (original), and Hegel H160. A friend of mine is selling a Primare I21 and had thought about that too. This is a 75 at 8, 125 at 4 integrated, but reportedly has grunt to push bigger speakers. Looking for other suggestions and guidance.


I've heard the Hegel H190 with Fritz Carbon 7SE MKii speakers, and that was a beautiful pairing.

Based on your speakers, set up Hegel, Music Fidelity, Parasound are all fantastic choices.  The Hegel gives you more in 1 box with streaming and a DAC, the MF and Parasound lack those features.  All of them punch above their weight class, all have great build quality and the ability to drive most speakers, you’d have to work to find speakers they can’t drive.

If you stretched your budget a bit, Coda CSiB is an absolute steal, value off the charts based on build quality, parts used.  You might be able to luck into one used at around 3 grand give or take.  The Krell 300i is also fantastic, if you find a used one that doesn’t have the built in DAC, might be able to come in around 3 grand give or take.  I’ve had the Coda, Krell, Parasound A21, various pre’s Krell Illisions ii, Zesto Leto, Used the Coda CSiB as a pre, Parasound P6 and a couple others I’m forgetting at the moment.  Got to compare the CSiB, Krell 300i, Parasound and Primaluna Evo400 integrated in my system at the same time, owned most of the gear, got the Krell gear from a dealer to try.  I ended up with a Krell amp, using the Coda CSib as a pre only and then have cycled several pre’s into the mix.  

All that said, I have real world experience with what I have listed above.  Coda, hands down best build quality and components used in their gear, punches way above the price point.  Krell XD gear sounded the best  to my ears so that’s how I ennded up with Krell, built extremely well, legendary brand. 

You have a great list to start, all punch above their weight class and think you’ll be happy with any of them.  If you stretch, save a bit or pay the waiting game, I think moving up to the Coda or Krell would be big steps up and well worth it but it’s really easy to spend someone else’s money, that might not even be an option.

Good Luck! 


I'm selling a Supernait 2 and used to own the Hegel H160.  If you like a more neutral sound go Hegel, the Naim is more focused in the mids.  Either would work well with Revel, personally I found the sound of the Hegel a little on the boring side while the Naim has certain musicality you seldem find in solid state gear.  Voices and stringed instruments really pop. I'm only selling the SN2 because I'm more of a tube guy.   Your room is also small enough that a stout push pull tubed integrated could be considered. 

Here is a review with a useful comparison of the SN3 vs H390.  Different models but the sound profiles will be the same for SN2 vs H160/190. 

Naim Supernait 3 Review

Baffles me, how no one seems to ever mention Lyngdorf (except me, lol).


Since this is a used gear site, I’m thinking keeping an eye out on this and other sites for the biggest TDAI you can justify would provide you with a superior room control tool and truly innovative digital design. Read the reviews, it’ll sell itself.

Not kidding.

My understanding is that you can run a favorite amp, which would allow you to add tubes to the equation, if that’s what you prefer.

Their ICC technology alone, is so uniqe and innovative, not to mention their approach to class D amplification. Apparently, not enough folks have experienced it for it to create a stir. ICC is some type of anti-clipping algorithm or something, feel welcome to correct me on that.

After reading a ton of reviews I decided that the biggest bang for the buck on the used market anyway (because I wanted the most muscle for the money) was the first generation 2170, which is 170 watts @ 4 ohms. It can kick hard.

The newer genearation has wireless control, which would be real nice, but I saw the 2170 as the biggest bang for the buck.

The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the totally quiet background. One reviewer recommended that Lyngdorf should look in to trademarking the term Blackground. Another called it the best he had ever heard, as far as a quiet background.

I’ve had my TDAI 2170 for three months now. I’m a believer. Btw, before I made the leap, I was using a Cambridge Audio 751R and loved it. Great performance, for what it is, but the Lyngdorf is a whole new ballgame.

Would love to hear what others have to say about how different their technology is.