My Esoteric K-01 player has just stopped working for the second time.
The transport works, but no audio on any source--no audio on CD and no audio from my server. I will send it back for repair. This is the second time for repairs in two years.

Can anyone recommend a CD/SACD player that is more reliable? I thought the sound of the K-01 was very good; I am happy to consider units that are better sounding and/or more expensive. But reliability is just as important.

I just don't want to deal with the unit going down again. . .
Your problem does not sound like the K-01 has a big issue or failure.

This is something rather simple to fix, IMO.

I'd repair it and upgrade it simply because the transport in the K-01 is built like a tank.

Hope you get this solved soon!

Best wishes,
Alex Peychev
I second Prcinka,

Nothing beats EMM Labs.

I had their TSD1/DAC2 SE combo and you simply cannot beat it. Hell, CD's sound better than SACD's from and Oppo!

Not to bash Oppo, use one myself as it is the best Blu-ray player made but when you want true high end silver disc sound, Ed Meitner is the guy who's gear you want!
The best SACD player there is, is a Denon DVD-3910 it is reference quality and one of the only one witch can play SACD-R. (self burn iso-files). and for less then $200 you can buy a excellent on on ebay. Regards