Need a Solid State Pre Amp For under $2000

Meridian 506 20bit
>>Need Pre Amp<<
Krell KSA 250 (not S)
B&W N802s
Transparent MusicLink premium speaker wires
MIT Balanced Cables 2 sets

I have just purchased the speakers! ...YEAaa... I am currently running the meridian directly into the amp with some Tara Labs cables. NO VOLUME CONTROL.. but let me tell you Film & the BB's sounds amazing and is recorded softly

I was ready to purchase a KRELL KRC hr but not many are available.

I need a solution for under $2000.00 with balanced XLR in and out. I'm considering Ayre K-3, K-5 or even K-1 in I'm lucky. Does anyone have a suggestion? What about Meridian 502 for a temporary way to control the volume?

If you live near Seattle come and listen to my Electrocompaniet EC-3. It has balanced outputs. Moving coil phono section is stunning. I will be selling it for around $700.00 when I get my new Passive pre. It has a warm tube-like sound, yet it still has great dynamics and detail. I have used it with my Quad 57s.
if you're happy with the sound running directly thru the amp, why not get a passive pre-amp--i see a bunch of xlr units listed on agon. personally, i just bought a luminous audio passive pre (available with balanced ins) for very little dough and couldn't be happier.
Coda Coda Coda,did i say Coda,nice one on ebay right now for unbeatable price,I really dont see what would come close to it,i have a windows 4 and could not be happier.
There is a Bedini 250/250-Mk II on ebay buy it now for $1499.
Next, send it to Bedini for a modification and rebuild ( service) for $650.

A little overbudget, but you end up with a fine class A amp.