Need a Solid State Pre Amp For under $2000

Meridian 506 20bit
>>Need Pre Amp<<
Krell KSA 250 (not S)
B&W N802s
Transparent MusicLink premium speaker wires
MIT Balanced Cables 2 sets

I have just purchased the speakers! ...YEAaa... I am currently running the meridian directly into the amp with some Tara Labs cables. NO VOLUME CONTROL.. but let me tell you Film & the BB's sounds amazing and is recorded softly

I was ready to purchase a KRELL KRC hr but not many are available.

I need a solution for under $2000.00 with balanced XLR in and out. I'm considering Ayre K-3, K-5 or even K-1 in I'm lucky. Does anyone have a suggestion? What about Meridian 502 for a temporary way to control the volume?

I'd look at the Vincent SA-T8. Dick Olsher is a long time tube aficionado and perfectionist reviewer, and he gave this hybrid an absolute rave in the Dec. 2008 Absolute Sound. In addition to its 4-in/2-out single ended connections it has 2 pair xlr inputs and one pair out.
Keep your eyes open for a Krell KRC-3. This is a great sounding preamp and will match up well with your Krell KSA-250. They go for around $1000 on the used market. Another nice preamp is the Classe CP-50.
passive preamps do control the volume--typically they use a manual attenuator knob, tho i've seen some that also have remote volume control.
in general, a passive preamp more transparently passes through the sound from the source than an active preamp--i.e. it will impart less color and character than an active preamp. the passive usually will have less distortion and noise; disadvantages might be reduced high frequency level and less punch. all that said, if you use a passive pre, it will be your source and speakers that determine your "analtical taste"--in other words the passive pre will merely pass through whatever signal is presented to it.
as for brands, look at placette audio (which has unbalanced ins/outs and remote) and channel island (ditto)--either should work well for you.
also, adcom makes a very highly rated pre w/remote and balanced and unbalanced ins/outs which operates in both active and passive modes--a couple are currently listed on agon.
Thankas for all the info. I'm looking into a passive.
Is a Krell KRC hr higher up in the line than a KRC 3. I do know the KRC 3 is a couple years newer.