Need advice

I am fairly new to the audio world and am putting together a system based on my budget. I have an Ikura TT, Rotel RA-1570 intg amp, Marantz CD60006, Martin Logan 700 powered sub. I am 57 and listen to a broad spectrum of music. My budget for speaks is 1000 or less. This time of year affords me more deals in the sense that some 1500 speaker pairs on half off. I have been pointed towards;
Q Acoustics 3050i
ELAC Uni-fi UF5
I have been pointed towards Fluance, Pioneer and blah blah blah. I have educated myself on sensitivity, impedance, neutrality, etc. My Rotel will easily accomodate 4 ohms. 
Pls help with any other suggestions...I am just OVERWHELMED  with the shear volume of choices and opinions.
Thanks in advance.
Used is a wery good idea. Do you know anyone who has a good balanced setup? If so mybe you can get some help to evaluate components there before you decide to buy. 
If you could find a used pair of Proac DT8’s that would be ideal, but you might get away with one of the incarnations of the Vandersteen 2 model (buy the most modern version you can afford).
For your budget of $1000 you should check out the SVS Prime Tower. Free shipping and a 45 day in home trial. You have nothing to lose!