Need advice

I am fairly new to the audio world and am putting together a system based on my budget. I have an Ikura TT, Rotel RA-1570 intg amp, Marantz CD60006, Martin Logan 700 powered sub. I am 57 and listen to a broad spectrum of music. My budget for speaks is 1000 or less. This time of year affords me more deals in the sense that some 1500 speaker pairs on half off. I have been pointed towards;
Q Acoustics 3050i
ELAC Uni-fi UF5
I have been pointed towards Fluance, Pioneer and blah blah blah. I have educated myself on sensitivity, impedance, neutrality, etc. My Rotel will easily accomodate 4 ohms. 
Pls help with any other suggestions...I am just OVERWHELMED  with the shear volume of choices and opinions.
Thanks in advance.
A square room is bad. I would begin with book/record shelves along the wall behind the speakers, then the wall opposing.
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Bring your ears to an audio store

Be best to go for some vintage speakers . If you can call 30 yr old speakers vintage . For example a set of jbl l100t3 or jbl L7 can be found under a 1000 and will beat the hell out of anything you can buy for a 1000 these days.not even the same planet. In todays dollars these would be 5-6000 easy . 
Blah blah blah? You know why it’s blah blah blah? Because you haven’t even bothered to give us any information about what sound and speaker characteristics are most important to you. Do you think maybe that might be some good information to have for people you’re looking to for recommendations?  Could you make a good recommendation to someone else without that information?  Without that information all you will get here is blah blah blah.