Need advice about upgrading speakers ( it might be the last one i own).

Need some friendly advice or recommendations about a major upgrade in speakers. I am looking to buy used to stretch my dollar

I currently own a pair of Golden Ear Technology model 7's speaker. They are 3 years old and retail for $1395.. They can sound very  good in my set-up and are accurate, but also are a bit edgy on top, and also  don't convey the feeling or emotion of real music. Without getting into the definition of "real music",or the ambiguous  terms euphonic vs real, or warm versus  analytical,  just  say I would like to acquire a better sounding speaker. I play a fair amount of classic rock, and rock/jazz fusion and classical symphonic is getting a lot of play time recently.

So far, I have considered:

Revel Concerta F-206 ( retail $3500) 

Choral 826W ( $3500);

PBS Imagine T-2 ( $3500 )

Tannoy XT-8F  ( $2600 retail).

Vienna Acoustics Baby Beethoven ( $4500 retail ?) 

Audio Physic Tempo 25 ( $6995?) ( not the later 'plus" version) 

Audio Physic Scorpio  retail $6500 )  

Audio Physic Sitara 25  ($4995 retail);  

 ProAC D-25 (retail ??)

Audio Physic Virgo II  ( $5495 retail )    

I have heard the Tannoy and Revel and AP Virgo II.  The Revel and Tannoy sounded very good , but the Revel has the  lead.   I have heard other Vienna Acoustic speakers and was not overly impressed  The AP Tempo Plus is also in serious consideration.  For the record, I am looking a smoother, and more musical speaker than the GET 7's

Magneplanars are too problematic in placemen;, therefore, I have almost eliminated them from consideration. 

Thank you,  S.J.



 The way to tell the SE version from the regular Elipsa speakers at a glance is the finish. The SE version has a high gloss finish were the original Elipsa had more of a mat type finish. There is a pair listed here as just Elipsa but they are the SE version in the gorgeous violin red. With the Elipsa SE you will feel no need to upgrade in the future.  

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Thank you  to all who have responded  so far. The Sonus Faber Elipsa speakers  look too large and even used, beyond my budget.  However, I need to check out on AG, the Cremona M and the Olympica  2 and 3, but I got a feeling they also may be beyond my budget....'

I will also check out the Proac models recommended on this thread. 

Thanks,  S.J.