Need advice for a replacement phono cartridge

So, the cleaners destroyed my phono cartridge yesterday while dusting even though I'd cautioned them against dusting my stereo. Absolutely sick about it. Anyway, I need to get a replacement cartridge so I need advice on one that is of equal quality or better. The destroyed cartridge is a Transformation Axia which is no longer made. Thanks in advance!

My system:

VPI Prime turntable, Sutherland Little Loco phono amp, Luxman L509X amp, Revel F208 speakers, two Sumiko S10 subs


Man that sucks!!!!

A cover for your VPI would be a wise investment when you get a new cart.

solypsa, cantilever is gone, never to be seen again

rsf507, probably about $3,000

audphile1, yes, absolutely will get a cover


Anyone have any knowledge of Koetsu cartridges?

Can't comment on Koetsu. I'm a fan of Dynavector cartridges myself and they mate well with VPI. The XX-2 MkII is a great cart and probably the sweet spot in their line up. 

I specifically use Soundsmith catridges for this reason. They will rebuild their $4K cartridge for $650. I currently have a Sussuro and Paua and they are both absolutely fantastic.