need advice for new/used avr

Need some advice on replacing my 12 year old Pioneer VSX 822-k AV receiver that just  died.  I have a 5.1 setup and use it only for watching TV. I would like to get a replacement with good sound quality prioritized.  My budget is  up to $800 new or used.  I am considering the Denon AVR X2700H for $700 at Crutchfield, a new Denon AVR  S760H for $450 at Costco, or a used NAD 758V3 for $500.  Are these decent choices for my set up or are there other alternative choices I should look at?  My room  is 13 x 25 x 7.5 with the TV on the long wall.  Currently using Kef Q100s as front speakers and a SVS SB1000 sub.  

Thanks for the help.


I prefer Yamaha both for reliability and sound quality. You can find great deals at on both Yammy and Denon.

Probably the best sounding AVR in your price range would be a used Anthem like this MRX 720.  It’s one generation old but a step up from the mass market brands.

Hope this helps, and best of luck.

avrs depreciate faster than day-old sushi, so it doesn’t make alot of sense to pay full srp....let us know what you end up with.