Need Advice & Need It Fast

Need an amp worthy of my Harbeth M30.1’s & Audeze LCD2F’s...Contenders:
Cayin CS55A..KT88 OR EL34 all tube..32/384 Internal DAC..Remote..Triode Tube Headphone..EASY to bias..Soft Start prolongs tube life...20wpc.Triode Strapped..40wpc.UL....
Peachtree Audio Nova 220SE...Class A/D Hybrid..24/192 Internal DAC..Remote..Triode Tube Headphone..MASSIVE power...
I was just about to pull the trigger on the Cayin when Underwood Wally listed several of the 220SE’s..I’ve only heard Class D long ago & it was horrible..I KNOW the Cayin will be wonderfully musical & it’s build quality is SUPERB but the thought of the simpler Peachtree is tempting to try,it’s cheaper to buy & to own...
So what do you folks think?
Sold it...LOVE LOVE LOVE the music it made,couldn’t live with the 1950’s biasing method of flipping it upside down & poking around the inside trying to meter off resistors while adjusting pot,no thanks..
Always wanted to try a Cayin, looking forward to your impression when it’s up and running.


congrats on making a choice on the replacement power.

I will suggest, so there is no 'withdrawal' in your future a secondary yet different style amp should be a serious consideration now.

well, not right now, but later this year sometime perhaps.

a secondary unit is so beneficial in so many ways i feel it a MUST. at least eventually. somehow. some kind.

those PT units seem popular enough getting a pre owned one might be just the ticket and yield contrast and a reserve for the main rig.

it is or will be my guaranteed approach next time I'm up to bat looking for gear.

BTW I heard a vewry nice mix with the Harbeth SL5s and a Luxman 509x recently. I gotta admit it was hard to find fault with that outfit. the SL were their latest versions of a commemorative or memorial itteration. loaded with SOTA guts, and some really incredible esthetic options.

I so wanted to hear the 30s or 40s, but missed them somehow.

again, congrats!
^^^Thanks much...Yes I agree & already have a short list of Solid State all in 1 units for a back up & comparison to the tube amp...