Need advice on preamps for Krell FPB, Elipsa

I have Sonus Faber Elipsa speakers driven by Krell FPB 250mc mono blocks (replaced my JC1s recently). The BAT 51SE preamp, although detailed, excellent in bass performance and fast, is slightly dark and cold to my taste. I listen to classical music most of the time (large orchestral, violin, piano etc) and some jazz and vocal. Is there a better sounding More musical preamp below $5000 (used) that would match my system well? Had some SS preamps but didn't like them. Don't like Audio Research either ref 3 either.
Does your Krell FPB have cast outputs? If yes, I highly recommend the Krell KCT.
In my case, I used Krell pre-amps - KRC & KRC-HR - with Krell power amps - KSA150 then FPB300c for many years. While sound was powerful and dynamic and bass was punchy and solid, I always felt I missed a bit of mid-range and upper bass richness and the sound on bright CDs can get hard & tiring. A friend lent me his Aesthetix Calypso pre-amp and what a revelation! Mid-range was rich and liquid, upper bass richness improved and lower bass, while less punchy, did not lose out significantly. Best of all, treble edge was gone while at the same time, high frequency resolution actually improved. I've never looked back. The rest of my system is Von Schweikert VR4jr speakers and Modwright Sony 9100ES player.