Need advice on what to look for in a turntable - budget $6K to $10K

I am getting into this hobby and am now focused on a proper turntable to support my new amp and speakers (Voxative 211 Integrated and 9.87 speakers).  I also bought a new Parasound JC3+ phono stage.  While at RMAF this year I did listen to the Fern & Roby turntable and was very impressed.  It sounded awesome with the Voxativ equipment.  That being said, it would be $8K+ and I thought I should learn a little more about what to look for in a turntable and ask the community for alternatives.  Thank you in advance.
@mmporsche  As I mentioned earlier, VPIs match well with Dynavector, Soundsmith, van den Hul, Benz, ZYX and Cardas carts, amongst others.

The HRX and TNT6HR are same dual motors/flywheel, same tonearm with on-the-fly VTA, same leveling adjustable suspension feet, same motor controller. The only difference is the HRX has the sandwich plinth and the TNT6HR has the 2" black acrylic plinth, which is a tad less clinical in nature. Replacing the SDS motor controller with Walker Audio Precision Motor Controller is a sonic upgrade mentioned in other threads here. 
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Transfi Salvation or PTP Audio.  The latter is an idler drive based on a Lenco drive system.  The former comes with a floating tangential tonearm and is a rim-drive.
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The HRX w/ 3D arm on here is a very good deal.  14K list for around 8K
For that arm, an incredible match would be either the Transfiguration Axia or the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze.  I've heard both on that table with that arm....

If that table really has never had a cartridge installed, I'd recommend jumping all over it before someone else does......

I wouldn't bother with the classic 4.  The differences in motor/plinth between the tables are night and day and the money isn't.....