Need advice on what to purchase to hold 1TB of music and connect to my new Innuos Pulsar.

I just need 1TB of file space and won’t ever need more.  I am most interested in sound quality and staying under $500. The less money the better - if possible.    It will be hooked up to an Innuos Pulsar that has no internal storage.  The Pulsar is streamer only. My music, only 1100 CDs, is already stored on a Raid and I will only use this Raid for backup. 

No idea what I need. Don’t think I need a NAS, but may. Do I just buy a 1TB SSD drive? Which one? Connectivity? This is not an area I am well versed on as in the past I have always owned servers which had on board storage ( Innuos Zenith 3).  

I am a little lost here fellow Agoners. Thanks for your help.  Bill 



@grannyring I’m not 100% certain but you might be able to configure Innuous to read that Samsung SSD when it’s connected to a computer on the same network same way you would configure it to read NAS. I did this when I had Auralic Aries G1 and it was reading the external drive connected to my mac mini. 

Innous appears to have the ability to play files that are on a USB drive installed in a networked computer.  The trick is to get the music folder on the USB drive configured as a shared folder.  For me, it was easy to set that up on a MAC and a pain to get that working reliably on a PC.  If you have a desktop computer, you could add an SSD hard drive to it and you could easily set up a shared music folder and you would be set up.

In is inexcusable that Innous sells a high end streamer with USB ports and none of them can be utilized to play music from USB devices. 

In their defense a Pulse with the ability to play files from a local SSD would essentially be a Zenith with the Phoenix USB re-clocker (or something like that). There was a thread a few weeks ago where some of us lamented the product strategy as many details are not well understood. No question their marketing falls short to explain various use cases and how they align to current product offers. Given the propensity for audio folks to upgrade, it would be helpful for Innuos to publish their vision of "a customer journey" for users that want to stream and others that want streaming and server capabilities and provide the upgrade paths for both lines. Personally I would love to see a SQ comparison of Pulsar vs Statement vs Zenith with Pnet and PUSB when used strictly as a streamer.

“I'm not sure how adding LPS to a NAS would help with sound quality”

You may want to check out discussions on wall wart vs LPS.