Need advice on what to purchase to hold 1TB of music and connect to my new Innuos Pulsar.

I just need 1TB of file space and won’t ever need more.  I am most interested in sound quality and staying under $500. The less money the better - if possible.    It will be hooked up to an Innuos Pulsar that has no internal storage.  The Pulsar is streamer only. My music, only 1100 CDs, is already stored on a Raid and I will only use this Raid for backup. 

No idea what I need. Don’t think I need a NAS, but may. Do I just buy a 1TB SSD drive? Which one? Connectivity? This is not an area I am well versed on as in the past I have always owned servers which had on board storage ( Innuos Zenith 3).  

I am a little lost here fellow Agoners. Thanks for your help.  Bill 




That is the big question here. My experience with those cheap switch mode wall warts is they inject noise into your digital front end without fail.  Will this also play out on a NAS? I’m not sure why it wouldn’t! 

@grannyring, out of curiosity, what happened to you Zenith? Is it gone? If you still have it I believe you can access your Zenith music library from your Pulsar. 

Im lot saying that a LPS used with a NAS doesn't make a difference in SQ

I am saying to appreciate it that far upstream from the audio components would take a system and ears beyond what I have on both things