Need advice on what to purchase to hold 1TB of music and connect to my new Innuos Pulsar.

I just need 1TB of file space and won’t ever need more.  I am most interested in sound quality and staying under $500. The less money the better - if possible.    It will be hooked up to an Innuos Pulsar that has no internal storage.  The Pulsar is streamer only. My music, only 1100 CDs, is already stored on a Raid and I will only use this Raid for backup. 

No idea what I need. Don’t think I need a NAS, but may. Do I just buy a 1TB SSD drive? Which one? Connectivity? This is not an area I am well versed on as in the past I have always owned servers which had on board storage ( Innuos Zenith 3).  

I am a little lost here fellow Agoners. Thanks for your help.  Bill 



@grannyring, out of curiosity, what happened to you Zenith? Is it gone? If you still have it I believe you can access your Zenith music library from your Pulsar. 

Im lot saying that a LPS used with a NAS doesn't make a difference in SQ

I am saying to appreciate it that far upstream from the audio components would take a system and ears beyond what I have on both things

@grannyring :

The Pulsar is like a Zenith 3 plus Phoenix in sound quality or so I read. Not sure this is really true. I loved my Zenith 3 and will miss its ease if use with internal storage. The Zenith 3 also rips CDs and auto loads them. The Pulsar costs some $1100 more than the Zenith 3 with no CD ripping ability or storage.

I currently have the Zenith MK3. It will go nowhere until it breaks. When the Pulse series came out, I cannot say I did not consider purchasing the Pulsar. I decided against it for these very reasons you describe. Unless of course I had a second system to use, which I don’t. So Zennith remains. And I have owned and used the ZEN, the Phoenix USB, and the Statement in the past. Let’s just say I am back to Zenith and happy with it.