Need advice on what to purchase to hold 1TB of music and connect to my new Innuos Pulsar.

I just need 1TB of file space and won’t ever need more.  I am most interested in sound quality and staying under $500. The less money the better - if possible.    It will be hooked up to an Innuos Pulsar that has no internal storage.  The Pulsar is streamer only. My music, only 1100 CDs, is already stored on a Raid and I will only use this Raid for backup. 

No idea what I need. Don’t think I need a NAS, but may. Do I just buy a 1TB SSD drive? Which one? Connectivity? This is not an area I am well versed on as in the past I have always owned servers which had on board storage ( Innuos Zenith 3).  

I am a little lost here fellow Agoners. Thanks for your help.  Bill 




My thoughts and experience match yours 100%. I stream most of the time as I find it sounds as good or often times better than ripped CDs. The Pulsar will sound better than the Pulse and Zenith 3. I good friend compared his Zenith 3 to a Pulsar in his system over a 2-3 week period and he much preferred the Pulsar. He said the Pulsar exceed the Zenith in every sonic parameter. He is very impressed with the Pulsar. I will share my thoughts after full burn in of some 200-300 hours.

Innuos told me a NAS should sound as good as the internal storage in the Zenith.


Funny, I owned the Phoenix reclocker and sold it after realizing it did not improve my systems sound quality with my then new MOJO Audio dac. 


@grannyring, great info, thanks! I'll be interested in your commentary and experience after it settles in. Best of luck and congratulations on the new piece.

You’re all recommending SSD drives. I choose thumb drives, because they are lower powered than SSD’s, which suck power to make them as fast as possible. I will do some critical testing, now that I’m talking about it, to try to hear a difference. I can hear both sounding less noisy than a mechanical drive, right away.

Do you guys have anything against thumb drives, besides the current max size being 1tb, and it’s price vs SSD?

I’m in the market for a 1tb stick, right now, but I could be convinced to go with the cheaper and larger usb ssd, if anyone has a way to make me think that the higher power draw won’t hurt my ears, even theoretically. Oh, theoretically is probably the way the thumb stick will win.


A one-off answer, but you want to make sure you have a backup (or several). 

The 1TB cost will be meaningless if (when) you have a disk failure. I think my Google account, up to 1TB of cloud storage is $9.99 - there are many options.