need advise, which is the weakest link in my audio chain

Hi all, i am new here and this is my first post.

need some opinion and advise, which gear do you think is the weakest link that i should improve/change.

i wish to have sweet sound and detail but not fatiguing

my experience on current setup not really meet my preference  :-

- a bit forward sound 

- sometime may a little dry/harsh sounding when source recording is poor

- lack of sweet top end

pre amp - bryston bp6

power amp - lexicon nt-212 (same as bryston 3bst)

speaker - spendor sp1 

cd player - marantz cd6006

dac - rega dac

tuner - yamaha t1 & sony st-sa5es

sorry for my poor english.

thank you.


Upgrade your dac Denafrips new Pontus 12 th anniversary at $1800

is far superior , if you don’t have that their Aries 12th anniversary dac is under $1050 and still a big improvement very smooth and detailed R2R dac.



It would be really helpful if you could put photos of your system and room under your USERID. There is a place to create your virtual system. This would be really helpful. This would help us to understand the entire situation and make reasonable recommendations.

Folks are trying to be helpful here, but the recommendations are all over the map because there is not enough info to be helpful.





thank you everybody to give so many good suggestions.


1. yes, my listening room is given me lot of trouble when initial setup

beside too small, worst it is in square. but that the only room i have at this moment.

i have tried many acoustics placement.

my experience if absorption panel at side wall result the top end roll off and it sound lifeless too.

so long term plan renovate house, i have an option to extend the room from 10'x10'  to 10'x18'


2. any idea which combination may give more positive impact ?

- solid state preamp (keep my bp6) + tube power amp

- tube preamp + lexicon nt-212 (keep my current amp)

- Sugden A21SE class A integrated amplifier 


3. does chinese dac any good for my upgrade ?

Nagasaki, A few suggestions:

(1) As several have already said, your  room is a box and is not optimal in dimensions. Please take the advice offered and play sound with your sound treatments

(2) Your DAC situation is confusing at best, and a great DAC is key to all of your digital audio. A great DAC that fits the exact sound signature you want would be a Denafrips Pontus II 12th Anniversary…..about $1,850 through Vinshine Audio