Need Amplifier Recommendations

I am thinking of replacing my beloved Pass X-150. We recently moved to a home that requires that our two channel system be set up in a fairly large room (20x40) with high ceilings (13-15 ft.). While the accoustics are decent, I think the size of the room may be a bit much for my speakers and amps. Since moving, I am missing a lot of the soundstaging and imaging that the Virgos are known for. Also, the bass has lost some of its focus. Thus, I am thinking of replacing the X-150 with either a Pass X-250 or a BAT VK-250 and would be interested in your thoughts. I am not interested in going to tubes. Also, has anyone heard the Moon W-5 with the Virgos and, if so, what are your thoughts.

My current system is:

AP Virgo II (May upgrade to Avanti III);
Wadia 850 (modified by Great Northern Sound);
Sony SACD player; and
the Pass X-150.

All cabling is Synergistic Research Resolution Reference, X Series (great cable). Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Terry Davis
Remember doubling watts only yeilds a 3dB increase so if you are going to upgrade go to the Pass X-350 and then add a subwoofer so you can move the subwoofer to an accoustically correct or better location!
Good advice above. Big room means a whole new ballgame as to room interaction. Does She Who Must Be Obeyed allow for experimentation of speaker placement along short vs. long wall? If so, this might bring you some desired effect. This size room cries for a sub!

Also, have you ever listened in near field conditions in this room? You have the opporunity to hear what your system sounds like sans room interaction, (well, as close as you can get.)

Personally, I don't think 1 sub will cut it. You should get a pair! I was told by Janis Audio (sub manufacturer) that by crossing over a system at 100hz will effectively quadruple the power to your mains if using powered subs.
I would think that you should try adding subs to your system which you already like to see if that does the trick.

If you can't borrow 2, buy 2 at circuit city and then return them within 30 days.
Thanks for the advice. I have played around with speaker placement and have listened in a near field arrangement as well. The sub idea may be a good idea. I think I know where I can get an AP sub at a decent price. In any event, I also am interested in thoughts on the BAT VK-250 vs. the X-250 with the Virgos.

Thanks again.
(disclaimer, I'm a pass labs dealer)

I've owned the virgo II's and the avanti centuries. I used the virgo's with aleph 2's and the avanti's with an X-350. Adding a big amplifier does change them quite a bit. The bass takes on this iron-fisted quality. More of a change than I hear with most other speakers. The virgo is a good match for the 250 but the 350 may be a consideration if you later buy a large speaker for your room. The 250 should drive the avanti with authority.

That being said I am not sure if the virgo can really fill up a 20x40 roomg. I have a similar sized room and find that smaller speakers tend to become a little too featherweight. They are just not engineered to fill a big room. The trouble you can run into is that the sound may lack a full body because the speaker cabinets are relatively small. In my own system when I upgraded from 8K avanti-centuries to 22K eidolons(now using Quad 989's). In the farfield the Eidolon's had a much fuller and realistic sound. You could sense that a thousand lb+ piano was in the room whereas the avanti's projected a 50lb 'floating keyboad'. The Centuries have fewer bass drivers and considerably less bass than the newer avanti III.

Your room is larger than the AP Luna is spec'd for so you may want to go up a bit. If possible perhaps you could borrow a large amplifer and a big sub to see what really works in your room. Make sure the sub is very fast. AP's sound terrible with lower quality subs.