Need an inexpensive phono stage

I know little about the world of vinyl but I'm looking to add a turntable to my current audio system which consists of a Peachtree Nova and OHM Walsh Microtalls. Is there a versatile sub-$150 phono stage I can get to use with the Nova and any inexpensive turntable?

If you can save up to around $500, the Jasmine LP2.5DU phono stage is one of audio's great bargain. It easily competes with a couple of $4000 phono stages I've had and compared favorably to a Mark Levinson phono stage in the Dagogo review. This thing has a separate power supply and built like a brick, the front is beautifully finished with glass and elegant lit up logo.
Find a Pass Labs Pearl for about $150-$200, then later if you need more gain due to Pearl only having 40db of gain add a Hagerman Picollo head amp for $250, that will give you up to 66db. I think Pass Labs Pearl can compete with $1000 plus pre's. Some say it get close to the real Pass Labs. Put better caps and fuse and it plays with much more expensive amps. I have the non upgraded cap version Pearl in a second system it sounds better to me than a PS Audio Parts Connextion modded GCPH I use to have. I sold my modded pearl and missed it so much I bought another Pearl and plan to mod it again. You know when you buy it again it must be pretty good.