Need backup inexpensive phono amp 4 low output mc

My dartzeel preamp needs to have its battery replaced and will be out of commission for 3 weeks while the work is performed.

The preamp is both line and phono. I will go bonkers without a preamp for 3 weeks. I don't need a line and phono for those 3 weeks. I would prefer to buy an inexpensive tube preamp that is compatible with my dartzeel amplifier and a shelter 501 mk2 mc low output. The dartzeel is set for 57 gain I believe.

What inexpensive tube preamp can be hooked up between my turntable (lenco L-75 with Rega arm) and my dartzeel amp as a backup preamp for backup situations like the one I will be facing.


if you can find an older CAT SL-1 pre, that might be around $1K, and they have very nice phono sections. they hold their value well too, so you could resell it fairly easily.
if you purchased the dart from a dealer, perhaps that would be able to oblige you by loaning you a preamp for a few weeks.