Need Blues Rec--burn the house down guitar stuff

Help Please!

I've Seen several blues artists live that were just amazing...topping that list is Buddy Guy back in the 80's. But, like others, his CDs never seemed to translate that raw club energy/presence I witnessed live. Blues has always been something I enjoy in person...but never really energizes me when I listen at home. I suspect It's out there and I am missing some great artists/performances. I would like some recommendations for:

Some blistering guitar driven/energetic/possibly live stuff--I don't want the slow stuff (I have that). (I guess when I think about's more rock than blues I'm looking for)
Nick Moss and the Fliptops- they have several live cd's. Sadie Mae is an excellent studio release
Sean Costello
Ronnie Earl
Joe Bonnamassa was one of Danny Gatton's protoges
and I agree about Danny Gatton.
How about trying Joe Bonamassa - Live from nowhere in Particular, or Joanne Shaw Taylor - White Sugar?
Since when did Danny Gatton become a blues player? Love his playing, but it ain't blues.

Check out Duke Robbilard and Ronnie Earl collaborations.
Elvin Bishop has put out a few blues cd's recently too, not live but pretty good from what cuts I have heard