Need Bluetooth and/or wireless equipment help

OK system designers.  Help me select the equipment I need to add a two channel music system to my kitchen/great room (KGR) utilizing the following five sources:

1. a signal from my two channel system in my music room (MR) so I can hear records, CDs and Tidal in the KGR.  I have to send the signal wirelessly from the MR to the KGR.  I'm thinking of connecting a wireless transmitter to one of the ouputs of my Sanders preamp and sending the signal to a wireless receiver in the KGR.  

2. an iPad in the KGR.  Could be wireless or wired.

3. an Android in the KGR.  Could be wireless or wired.

4. an Amazon Echo Dot.   Could be wireless or wired.

5. AM/FM radio.  Some local stations don't stream so this will likely need to be a receiver in the KGR.

If I think like a two channel analog guy I know I need some sort of preamp to handle the sources and an amp to send the signal to the speakers.  An integrated amp is preferred, especially if it has an AM/FM tuner.  Speakers should be small bookshelf type speakers.    

My lack of understanding is how to integrate all the sources into one box.  Can I find a one box integrated solution that accepts analog and streaming signals and outputs to a pair of wired, wireless or bluetooth speakers?  Is there a one box solution that has inputs to accommodate all my sources?  I would like to stay under $1000.00 for the integrated or separate preamp and amp and the speakers.  I have all the sources. Let me know if more information is needed to help construct this system.



Have you looked at getting a Stereo pair of Apple Home Pods?  They use Air Play, not Bluetooth, but you have Apple sources.  I have one Home Pod in my kitchen and it’s impressive.  I’d love to try a Stereo pair but the Wife vetoed that.
Thanks mahler123.  Does the Apple Home Pod have analog inputs for the signal from my music room and from a tuner?
Home Home Pod only does Air Play, afaik.
I re read your OP.  I guess I’m a bit confused about your goals.  It seems to me that you want to do Whole Home Audio, using all the sources in your primary music room, but also be able to add other sources, such as phones, iPods, etc from other other rooms via Bluetooth or other wireless connections.  Am I correct?
I don't want a whole house audio system.  I want to send audio from my music room to the kitchen/great room.  In the kitchen/great room I want to add sources as listed above with the music room being one of the sources.  The kitchen great room will be the only room capable of playing all the sources listed above.  I don't know what hardware I need in the kitchen/great room.